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A brand unlike any other, Affliction clothing is not just about style, it is about lifestyle. Described as mad, impetuous, and brilliant, this is a unique and unrestricted fashion that is fast becoming the icon for a generation. Women’s clothes from this brand are anything but simple.

affliction clothing

Their fashion is new and raw. Brutal attention to detail gives this brand a solid and definitely one of a kind appeal. With three brands under the Affliction Incorporated family of businesses (Affliction, Sinful, and Xtreme Couture), there is more than just one selection to those who are looking to shake up their wardrobe with something a little more dark and sinister than the usual dresses and skirts other women’s clothing designers offer.

Affliction Clothing Company, and American brand, was founded in 2005 by Tom Atencio, Todd Beard, Clifton Chason, and Eric Foss in Signal Hill, California. It was then and always has been a brand for rebels, compared at times to Christian Audigier’s well known Ed Hardy brand, the only real competitor to this unique and dark fashion. In fact, both Ed Hardy and Affliction are occasionally worn by rival city gangs to indicate their particular association with or differentiation from the other. Some popular clubs in a number of cities are known to refuse entry to people wearing these brands. While the brand owners do not support or encourage this gang association, there is no denying that this only adds to the dark and dangerous appeal of the brand.

The clothes that Affliction offers are nothing if not unique. Each and every article is hand designed, and like a tattoo or fingerprint, no two are the same. The clothes themselves are known for immediately fitting and wearing like they have been owned for years, with a comfortable and familiar feel. The dark and heavy themes lend character and allure to the inspiring artwork evidenced in each and every piece. The brand includes polo shirts, T-shirts, hoodies, thermals, jeans, shorts, and even shoes, each one hand painted by a specific artist. This artistry and attention to detail makes every item a work of art. Owners of this unique brand proudly wear and display their iconic fashions.

Almost every famous sports star, rock star, and actor in America wears Affliction clothes, with Paris Hilton and Ozzy Osbourne being just a few of the names in a long list. In fact, those who are at all interested in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will know that every fighter wears these unique items, as Affliction is the main sponsor of the event. The brand carries the logos of such famous fighters as Randy Couture, Quinton Jackson, Georges St. Pierre, Shane Mosley, Zab Judah, and even Oscar De La Hoya.

Wearing fashion designed by Affliction Clothing can turn a soft and delicate lady into a mysterious and spirited woman. With these designs you can know that your style and fashion are proudly worn by fighters, sports champions, and even millionaires, as Donald Trump not only wears this brand, but is also the majority share holder. When you want women’s or men’s fashion that makes a statement, Affliction says it all and says it with style.

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