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Chic fashions and everything you would expect to find on display or hanging in the window of any top design shop in the world are the norm in Forever 21. The one thing that isn’t normal, which is why so many women choose this store for their clothing purchases, is the prices. With an average cost of about twenty dollars per garment, shoppers can literally save hundreds of dollars. Displaying and selling fashions that are almost identical to the latest must have in women’s designer clothing, this store has been a huge success, turning profits and opening new stores even when other designers were downsizing.

In fact, to ask the founders, the husband and wife team of Vaughn Chang and Jin Sook, they see no reason why this great brand and business methodology is going anywhere but up. From humble beginnings where they had difficulty in gaining investors, to a current level of success where they are now turning away would be partners and keeping one hundred percent ownership, their model is definitely a success. With the ability to take a high fashion trend and put it on shelves in a matter of weeks, Forever 21 puts designer women’s fashion in stores, “faster than the market,” to quote owner Vaughn Chang, owner and founder. In the fashion world of sales, the profitable lifespan of a garment is about nine months, and Forever 21 puts their operation well ahead of the curve with this business philosophy.


In fact, their philosophy has been so successful that they have had numerous court cases for trademark infringement. Some of the fashion icons, actors, and musicians who have made complaints against this brand include Anthropologie, Bebe, Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Gwen Stefani, Anna Sui, and Tokidoki, to name just a few. That isn’t slowing things down though. Women’s fashion can be seen on the runway one week and on the shelves of Forever 21 the next week, and at a price of about twenty dollars.

There is certainly a great deal of debate in the fashion world as to whether this trend will continue, but if shoppers are any indication, things will remain in favor of Forever 21’s business model for a long time to come. Women’s clothing is so inexpensive here that those who love to shop can purchase almost indiscriminately from the wide variety of styles and accessories available, purchasing far greater volume than they would otherwise have been able to afford in another store. The same designs, the same fashions, and the same styles can all be found here. The only thing that isn’t the same is the price.

With an eye for fashion and a grasp on this ever changing market, Forever 21 provides high fashion women’s clothing with style and character. The prices are unbeatable, with no competition in the industry offering design, fashion and price in a comparable package. Newer stores are now starting to carry fashions for men and children as well. The trademark designs and fantastic prices that have made these stores such a huge success are just one of many reasons this is a must shop location.

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