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Hennes & Mauritz , rebranded to H & M, is one of the most recognizable names in fashion in the world. The first H & M store opened in 1965 in Norway followed by expansion throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. In the early 1990s much of the rest of Europe saw H&M stores opening in Finland, France, Austria and Spain as well. The first store to open in the United States welcomed customers in March of 2000.

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Since then about 169 stores operate across the USA. In 2004, H & M pointed its expansion compass northward toward Canada. Currently there are 48 stores in that country. The Asian and Middle Eastern markets have not been ignored by H & M and it expanded to Dubai in 2006, Hong Kong and China in 2007, and Japan in 2008. H & M expanded further opening a store in Moscow in 2009. There are indications that the clothing giant plans to open stores in South America in the near future. There are currently no stores in Australia. However, the country’s pop star Kylie Minogue, in collaboration with H & M, introduced a line of swim wear.


H & M stores have collaborated with recognizable names in the fashion industry and offered exclusive collections to people like Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and Dutch designers Viktor and Rolf. A line of clothing by Roberto Cavalli sold out almost as soon as the clothes hit the stores. British designer Matthew Williamson created a men’s and a women’s line of clothing for H & M in 2009. The store also featured Jimmy Choo’s first clothing design collection.

H & M is among the growing number of stores that utilize the concept of “fast fashion.” Fast fashion manufacturers have streamlined the design, manufacture and distribution process to deliver the product to the customer quickly and cheaply. This manufacturing and distribution method reduces costs while maintaining quality. H & M uses organic cotton for its products and as part of its environmental sustainability strategy. They encourage cotton growers to use organic cultivation methods to lessen farming impacts on the environment. The company also uses recycled polyester made from PET bottle and textile waste. Recycled polyamide is made from old fishing nets as well as textile waste. The environmental strategy is part of H & M’s appeal to the “green” consumer as well as labeling garments certified organic cotton, organic wool, or as organic linen.

H & M was founded by Erling Persson in Sweden in 1947. For years the company sold only women’s clothing. In 1968 the company acquired the men’s hunting equipment store named Mauritz Widforss along a good supply of men’s clothing. The founder’s son, Stefan, took over the company as Chief Executive Officer in 1990, and became Chairman of the Board of Directors in 1998. Currently H & M has stores in 2,000 stores worldwide in 35 different markets, and employs more than 74,000 people. H & M has shown consistent growth and reports continued increases in profit.

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