St. John Knit Clothing

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With the unique distinction of being the leading knit house in the world, St. John produces women’s clothing unlike anything else in the market. Offering signature blends, such as their wrinkle resistant trademark Santana ‘, to beautiful custom twists, every article of women’s clothing produced is a work of art.

st john clothing

From New York to Paris and Milan to Tokyo, the unique designs and patented weaves of their women’s clothing are prized among fashion conscious women everywhere. Each of these custom garments displays superior craftsmanship, paired with the very highest quality materials to create a truly unique designer brand unlike any other.

The process of creating these exceptional garments begins with the highest quality loose skeins of wool yarn and other materials used for signature blends. Custom dyes, unique to St. John, are applied at extremely high temperatures. This allows the material to absorb these rich colors, with the end resulting being beautiful and vibrant threads that have the added benefit of improved elasticity while being stretch resistant.

These yarns and materials are then matched to designer patterns, often incorporating the use of unique and decorative paillettes and embellishments with Swarovski crystals, rhodium, and even twenty-four karat gold accents. Artisans at St. John take exceptional pride in the quality of their workmanship, hand crafting many of these limited production items. These accessories are then matched to the fabrics and materials that will later be used to make and finish a particular item of clothing. Each article is then meticulously stitched and assembled, resulting in the classic, stylish, and durable garments that are the trademark of St. John.

St. John does not only offer the highest quality women’s clothing, but also a selection of classic and stylish accessories to compliment their exceptional garments. Fashionable crystal, gold, and stone jewelry necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches are available. Shoes can be had in a variety of materials and styles, with eye catching leather pumps or comfortable and stylish suede loafers being the most popular items. Scarves are another must have accessory, and vary according to the season. Belts and travel items also available to compliment garment choices or individual tastes.

Fashion is iconic and transcends generations. Women’s clothing from St. John is the embodiment of this. Nowhere else in the world can one find such an amazing variety of finely tailored fashion exhibiting such exceptional craftsmanship. Founded on excellence, a tradition that is carried on to this day, these are just a few of the many reasons this high fashion is a must have.

Women’s clothing is never a simple affair. Having knowledge of the quality and workmanship behind the garments available can make the difference when choosing where to purchase. With an industry leader and innovator like St. John, the choice is simple and straightforward. For those with family considerations, these fine quality hand tailored garments are also made in styles designed specifically for men and children. St. John offers designer fashion and accessories for the whole family. Discerning shoppers will find all of their fashion from St John.

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