Women Clothing And Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by admin - 06/07/09 at 07:07 pm

Women are particularly more conscious of fashion than men. Though there are changing trends in fashion, there are common mistakes that should be avoided , whether the woman is in fashion or not. There are times when one can argue that the shape will excuse the kind of dressing. There are other times that the fashion conscious will draw a parallel line and make a conclusion that such and such should be avoided.

The following are some common fashion errors that every woman should try to avoid.

Avoid imbalance in clothing

Too much of anything may be very poisonous. You will have to avoid a situation where there is too much of many colors, or exaggerated revelation of flesh.

It may not really matter your age. A more balanced look will not leave room for abuse, whether the society will condone it or not.

Avoid revealing the panty line

A common mistake with women of all ages is putting clothes that are revealing the panty line. It may not really matter the kind of inner wear that you have. The other mistake that is made is exposing the G- string above the waist of the jeans. A lot of ladies have had the latter and protected it under the banner of fashion.

Avoid hiding the décolletage

A woman’s décolletage is the space that is between the neck and the breasts.

The fashion people argue that it is one of the best features of a woman. A woman is therefore advised to avoid wearing turtle necks as they hide that particular feature.

Avoid too much jewelry

Too much of jewelry in accompaniment of the clothing should be avoided. There should be a good balance to bring the best outlook. Let the bungles and neck laces be used to exaggerate where it is indeed very necessary and avoid too much of them. The same case will go with the exaggerated accompaniment of make up. The advice key has to be that you lay emphasis on the exaggeration of what is natural in your figure that you will find appealing.

Avoid too much of decorations

You may be tempted to put so many colors in a way to attract the attention. Whichever the age, a multi decorated woman does not look chic on the street.

If you are not in a kind of music show as a performing artist, you should try to avoid that much attention to yourself that is not necessary. Wear matching outfit that should not serve to exaggerate too much. Avoid colors that are calling too much for your attention.

Check right sizes

There are people who tend to overdo a certain measure of cloth in a way of hiding the unwanted. That should actually be done with great precision. You should try to avoid outfits that do not fit. If you want slim, do not exaggerate tights. The same exaggeration is also not expected if you want to appear plumb or bigger.

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