Women clothing for the executives

Posted by admin - 08/07/09 at 10:07 pm

All over the world, women are now in the business of challenging the dominance of men in the corporate world. In many sectors, women leaders are emerging, and making it through the systems to reach top. An executive woman has to cut out an professional image and appearance for herself in order to be competitive and affirm her position.

Academic qualifications, experience and ability may work well to her advantage behind the scenes in the executive corridors, but what will tell people a lot about her is the kind of style and clothing that she will be putting on from her wardrobe.

An executive woman ought to be very keen on fashion. Selection of good clothing will go a long way in trying to boost her confidence. A confident woman will be set to face the challenges thatr may be affecting her in the corporate world with the required mettle and gusto.

An executive woman will spend over 65 percent of her time in the office. She will therefore require a style that will make her comfortable and highly motivated for the better part of her day. Office style should also go in line with her personal taste.

In this regard therefore a good office wear for a woman must be able to hold the following ingredients:

1. Must be able to cut that professional look

The reason why there is a dressing code in the offices today is because the image of staff will contribute in selling a company in a big way. It is important for staff in a given company to cut that image that will enable the company staff to portray a professional image to clients.

2. Must not leave behind personal style

Being a career woman does not cut you off from your personal tastes and styles. The kind of clothes that you will choose must also reflect your taste. This has to be in the way they are designed, colors and sizes. You will need to look for styles that are unique to your taste, while they also assist you cut that corporate image

3. Must be in fashion

You will look more confident and appealing to most people if you will also be in fashion. That actually means that even as you are trying to hold to your personal style, you will need to be conversant with the modern trends in office wear. You will have to check the kind of clothing that will be in fashion to be more confident in your style. Your style will speak volumes about your competence.

It will also say more about who you are in the social angle. You have to select good office colors. The fashion people will recommend green, red, blue and navy and black for the office. They also recommend that you try to avoid a lot of jewelry and too many decorations.

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